Tuesday, October 3, 2017

John King Hits Trump Over Puerto Rico Presser: He Decided to ‘Have a Lovefest For Him and His Team’

With the possible exception of Wolf Blitzer, John King is perhaps the most restrained personality on CNN. Seldom does he let on that anything in the news is an affront to him personally. But Tuesday, President Donald Trump’s remarks in Puerto Rico seemed to cross a line for King. “The president clearly there deciding to have a love fest for him and his team,” King said.

There was exasperation in King’s voice as he threw to his panel.

“This president is unique,” King said. “We have seen this time and time again. He communicates in a unique way and loves to be told and said it himself that I’m doing a great job. It was remarkable…Somebody explain why he does things this way.”
“The president said it’s fake news and political ingrates who are telling you things are not going as well as they are,” King said. “No. The pictures our team of reporters are showing…are not fake news.”

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