Thursday, October 5, 2017

Kellyanne Conway Doesn’t Deny ‘Moron’ Report, Calls Tillerson’s Presser ‘Remarkable’

At the end of a pretty insane segment on New Day with host Chris Cuomo this morning, Conway defended Tillerson by reaffirming that Trump has “full confidence” in him, though it seems that she chose her words carefully so as to not deny reports of the profane White House tension that raised plenty of media attention in the past 24 hours.

“Secretary Tillerson did a couple remarkable things yesterday, he got the president to say he had full confidence in him, and Tillerson never considered stepping aside. He also went on to give us a catalogue of progress, as the secretary of state, and as the president… He said he never once thought of resigning and he supports the president as much today as the reminded why Donald Trump got elected because he promised to take our country in a new direction around the globe, and to ensure our security. He said he’s not going to play this game he doesn’t understand.”

Additionally, Conway called Tillerson’s “fucking moron” press conference — where he did not deny calling the President of the United States a “fucking moron” — a “remarkable” thing to watch, in a positive sense of the term. Cuomo agreed that it was indeed “remarkable,” but not quite in the way that Conway meant it.

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