Saturday, October 14, 2017

Nicolle Wallace: GOP Leaders Should Be ‘Willing to Lose Their Jobs to Save the Country’

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace spoke with Steve Schmidt this afternoon to discuss Republican responses to the words and actions of President Trump.

“Let me ask you what you think gets in the way of Paul Ryan––who’s a smart guy, and must see some of what you just described––and the microphones. Why can’t he speak out? Why doesn’t he… why wasn’t there one person among the 16 Republican opponents who are willing to say it might cost me my spot in this race,

but I’m gonna go down having said what you just said, that he’s dangerous. That he doesn’t understand the things that make us great. Why won’t Paul Ryan do that now? Why won’t Paul Ryan say ‘It may cost me my speakership, but I cannot continue to make excuses and hold out on the fantasy that I might get a tax reform bill and have someone potentially ruin everything that America stood for’?”

“Why don’t Mitch McConnell or Paul Ryan,” she concluded, “see it as part of their jobs to be willing to lose their jobs to save the country?”

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